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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Pleasing Mexican Parents

The other day my friend Daniela and I were having a conversation about
something or other that quickly turned into a discussion on pleasing Mexican
parents. That is, when attempting to go out with their kid. In some families, the protocol to follow, is more important than in others. I would venture to say, and I may be wrong, that it has to do with the number of years a family has been in this country. Daniela and I are both 1st generation Gringos - she may even be a 1/2 generation (born in Mexico - raised en los Unaiteds). My folks crossed the bridge - had me at the clinic - then went back to Reynosa- so I'm a 1st.

I'm simply cutting and pasting the conversation, because it was pretty good via IM. We'll see if it works out.

Carlos says: if it's her house phone am i going to have to say: si, senora. disculpe habla carlos. no se encuentra ****.
21 days till (ip) says:wooo. que educado mijo! i raised you right boy!
Carlos says: i've got practice
21 days till (ip) says:i'm impressed
Carlos says: dude, the parents always love me. it's the girls that i have to work on. mexican parents like me because 1. i have a job 2. i make fun of myself 3. i have some manners 4. i always agree w/ them
21 days till (ip) says: yeah parents always love me too. perfect! you know how to scmooze them
Carlos says: yup. carlos garcia, mucho gusto..... para servirle or:a sus ordenes
21 days till (ip) says:wow!  my favorite is wih the mom: " en que le ayudo señora?"
Carlos says: that's good. fantastic
21 days till (ip) says: or i talk about cooking, like ask them about the recipe that way they know i know how to cook and their son is going to be fed and taken care of. we're the perfect person for parents
Carlos says:that's awesome
Carlos says:de donde es usted? a si, de mexico. yo tengo un tio que que vive en tal y tal. or..no, mis papas son del rancho
21 days till (ip) says:haha. lol. que bonita su camisa señora, donde se la compro?
Carlos says:holy shit. from walmart
21 days till (ip) says:hahah. we should write a book
Carlos says:i'm over here laughing my ass off
21 days till (ip) says:me too. haha


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