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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Daily Scuba Diver

The Daily Texican became the Daily Scuba Diver this weekend. I'm officially certified by PADI. I was probably the worst scuba diver in the class, but I made it. One of my classmates is an instructor and convinced my friend and I to take his class.

My "buddy" is a law school friend and extremely reckless. I on the other hand am extremely conservative in the water. I like things done by the book, so as you can imagine, this was a winning combination. My friend kept throwing crabs in my face and other crap he would find under water. It was pretty damn funny, except when he inadvertently knocked my regulator (breathing thing) out of my mouth 2x underwater.

I did the open water diver course and froze my ass off in the water today. Well, it's only cold for about 5 seconds. The wet suit works really well.

Spring break (yes, a 28 year old said "spring break") here I come!!

Oh, I think I'll get some pictures to post soon.

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Blogger ladeojosverdes said...

Congratulations! I grew up blocks from the ocean and never touched a scuba. YOU are a bad-ass.

9:33 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

Wow, you leave Texas and now you start doing all kinds of crazy things like scuba diving.

10:31 PM

Anonymous EMC said...

I'm afraid of agua amigo, so lots of luck. I see que you're enjoying your time en school! ;)

9:14 AM

Blogger Cracked Chancla said...

i get nervous just looking at your pictures. you're brave. so how deep were you?

7:35 PM

Blogger Daily Texican said...

I think we just made it to a little over 30 feet. Not too deep.

8:38 PM

Blogger oso said...

You went scuba diving in WA? where?

10:51 PM

Blogger Daily Texican said...

Redondo Beach - Federal Way.

11:32 PM

Blogger tumbleweed said...

kick ass! congrats! I've been seriously considering taking the course and getting certified myself...was it hard?

7:18 AM

Blogger Xolo said...

I am surprised no one has made a "wetback" comment so far. So I won't be the first. :P

11:05 AM

Blogger Daily Texican said...


3:15 PM

Blogger poetaxingon said...

suerte compa, and watch out for sharks. i agree with cindylu, once you leave texas, it's up hill. (puro pedo, never been to texas, i actually want to drop by one day, cuando sea la republican convention in another state, or something)

6:42 PM

Blogger chaparrrita said...

jesus i cant even float dude... but i always dreamed that i would be able to swim one day like really really swim in the ocean or something. seeing things from under water in the bathtub is one thing but i cant even imagine how cool it is to see what you see down there...

9:44 AM


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