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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things I'll Never Do Again...

I was watching the Dallas Cowboys get beat on Thanksgiving Day and I started to think of the things I'll never do again, because I don't have the opportunity to do so, or simply because I don't want to. But, some of these things kind of suck.

Things I'll (Probably) Never Do Again:
1. Play football in pads
2. Play a real baseball game
3. Stand in line for cheese, anticipating the awesome peanut butter they gave
4. Live in the housing projects
5. March in a marching band
6. See my grandparents (any of them)
7. Live with all of my siblings and my parents under one roof
8. Take a University Math class (sweet!)
9. Take the LSAT (even sweeter)
10. Wear a swatch watch


Blogger cindylu said...

Aw, c'mon. What do you have against Swatch Watches? I hope the end of your semester is going well and finals are not completely killing you.

2:32 AM

Blogger Frederick's Mom said...

Man, I agree with you on how great it is to never have to take University Math ever again! Whew!

6:18 PM

Blogger La Brown Girl said...

I agree on the Math and with Cindylu. What's wrong with a Swatch Watch?

6:52 PM

Blogger Lucio said...

I don't believe #6...

5:32 PM

Blogger oso said...

Never say never my friend. I can see you and Cindylu in a bloggers marching band parade. I think Gustavo would be in on it as well.

6:23 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

Yeah, see with number 5 you could be in an alumni band, and technically that would be marching. I'm invited all the time to be in the alumni band for both my HS and UCLA, but I always pass it up. We can have others bloggers beside the ones who actually were in a marching band join in too. Oso could play the cymbals, EMC could play the drums. The Chicago crew could be the woodwind section. We need a drum major... hmm.

2:06 PM

Anonymous Efrain said...

I feel you man.

1 and 6 buddy...sigh...1 and 6

11:52 PM

Blogger larosa23 said...

wow that comment about the cheese and peanut butter really brought me back....do you remember all those cans with black and white labels that just listed the name of the food and nothing else? I always expected to find one that just said 'food' like in Repo man.

11:55 AM


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