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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Quinceañera

This weekend I went to my prima's daughter's quinceneara. It was fun and interesting. First off, my cousin's daughter, kept calling me "primo." Now, technically, for those Americanos reading this, that may be correct. I think most people would say she's my cousin once removed. But that just sounded so weird to me. Why you ask? Because I grew up calling my dad's cousins, "Tio." Even this weekend, my other cousins introduced their kids to me and said, "say hi to your tio." I'm her tio, not her primo! Now that I have a kid, my kid will call my cousins "tio" or "tia." That's just the way it is. It was just pretty funny. Nonetheless, the quinceneara was really fun and I'm glad I want.

Next, my cousins from Califas came to the quinceneara. They seemed to get a kick out of watching the way people danced. Now, you make think Mexicans here and Mexicans there and Mexican everywhere are the same - we're not. Apparently, its a phenomenon to them to see people on the dance floor moving in a circle. You know, just going with the natural flow of the traffic - kinda like on a skating rink. Isn't that just the way people dance? I'll ask my wife, she's from Califas.

I hadn't been to a relatives quinceneara in a pretty long time. This one was fun. Afterwards, we went back to my primas house and ate menudo. Kinda like a tornaboda, but a tornaquince!


Blogger Elenamary said...

glad to see you blogging. i've always had a problem with the english terms 1st cousin 2nd cousin etc. i much prefer the mexican way of knowing that my mom's primos are my tios. plus the numbering seems so distancing, so cold.

10:31 PM

Blogger Gordito said...

I hadn't seen this. You must write more often so as to provide my life with meaning.

1:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's "quince años" that's the name of the birthday party, and you refer to the girl who has the birthday "quinceañera"... just saying

1:01 PM

Anonymous http://www.themicrostories.blogspot.com said...

I'm cool with your not wanting to be accurate on the spelling, but in this particular case you must spell with the letter ñ (just press the right alt key and the n once alt remains pressed).
Otherwise años will read anos which in spanish is the plural for anus, and it must spell quinceañera because quinceanera in spanish woul mean a girl with 15 anuses which might be a bit extreme.
Please join and promote the respect for the letter ñ and it's incorporation in english or at least defend that it be not suppressed in the spanish word possesing it, otherwise they will downgrade all the meanings as in Peña,piña,caña etc. which is not the same as Pena,pina,cana,etc.
It is fun to play with the language, but let us not allow anyone to bastardize it, as they frequently do in spanish t.v. commertials mixing english and spanish when there is an equivalent word in the original.
Be welcome to click on my name and visit my twin bilingual blogs with extreme fun micro and short stories.

1:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Best of luck!

7:29 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

None of my cousins' kids call me tía, but that's probably because I'm not that much older than them. Still, I'd never call my father's cousins by their first name. They're all tía o tío.

3:48 AM

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Anonymous sheds said...

That is really cool. I want to know more about the Mexican culture. Keep the posts coming.

6:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in deep s. tx we call our parents 1st cousins tio or tia bc they are considered primo hermanos. However i dont think kids are raised the same way anymore.

1:14 PM

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