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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Elephants and The DNC

I headed home from work at about 8pm last night to eat my dinner, watch the 1st place Texas Rangers (where I've applied for a p/t job as an usher), and call my friend on her b-day. I was driving my motorcycle so I noticed there was a lot of crap on the street. Litterally dung. I just went around it and didn't think twice about it. Then, I look out through my kitchen window and there are about 8 elephants walking down the street! I forgot, the Ringling Bros. & Barnun & Bailey Circus is coming to the AA Center across the street from me! I took pictures, but I left them in my camera. I should have known there were doing a parade. I'm taking my lil' bro -Big Brothers Big Sisters - on Thursday.

After that I started watching the DNC. Then my roomate showed up so I felt obligated to swich over to last comic standing. Not everyone likes watchig PBS. We, needless to say, I got bored of some of that boring "comedy" so I changed it back to the DNC. Now, it was time for a man I had only read about, because his name sounded so much like Osama Bin Laden - it was Barack Obama. This guy was fantastic. He spoke elegantly and passionately. He was articulate and educated. He talked about uniting America. I wish his speech would have been on prime time. We knew President Clinton could deliver, but this new guy, he was a treat to see. I can't say I'm a Democrat. I'm definitely not an elephant. This guy was great. Then I finished watching the Rangers get pummeled.


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