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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Their "Get-Ups"

Bob Costas is one of my favorite sports commentators. The guy is brilliant, but last Friday, during the opening ceremony of the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, he made a couple of comments which I found disturbing. As the athletes marched in wearing their traditional outfits, Costas and his partner commented on their wonderful "Get Ups" and "costumes".

Now personally, I thought those comments were ridiculous. Did those athletes really think their clothes were "get ups" and "costumes?" Maybe they did? I'm not sure. I just found it a bit odd.


Blogger Sylvia said...

Hey, check it out--after work today you want to swing over to the mall and get some Californian costumes at American Eagle?

11:17 AM

Blogger tortillasandwich said...

Heheh, I buy my costumes at the same place.

9:10 PM


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