Ojo: The "Cholo Word Of The Day" is simply for fun. This is not an academic exercise, therefore I do not spend much time checking for espelling or grammatical errors. Most of the words are not only used by "cholos," but by many people in S. Texas - and their usage can vary. c/s

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cholo Word Of The Day - Grifo

This is one of the words which I've used since I was a kid. I guess it's unfortunate that as a kid I knew or would see people who were"grifos." While working as a reporter in Laredo, I worked with many locals, who had a very colorful vocabulary and whom enjoyed smoking illegal substances once in a while, so the term was very widely used.


Meaning According To DT: high, stoned

Used in a sentence:
"Memo, viste como se puso Chema en el party? Andaba bien grifo."

"Nombre, Fito, se le fueron las cabras, y no sabia en donde andabe, where he was going, or even where he lived."

Translation according to DT:
"William, did you see Joe's actions at the party? He was using mind altering drugs."

"No way, Fito, he was acting weird, and didn't no where was, where he was going, or even where he lived."

Bonus Word:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this Cholo word of the day thing you got going. You should compile some sort of online lexicon or something like this (http://www.mestizo.host.sk/secciones/arch-modismos/mexicanos.html) chart of Mexican modismos. Also, Elena has an interesting post (http://www.elenamary.com/archives/2004/08/for_mistersleep.html) on whether the word "Gringo" is offensive or not. Saludos, Oso

12:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didn't know that one. i learned something new today! yay. - cindylu

1:51 PM


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