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Friday, December 03, 2004


Interesting week. I'll explain why when I get a chance. BUT I had to write about this.

I went out the The Ginger Man last night with a girl. She's a friend from college and wanted to go out for a drink after a bad day at work. We sat down to drink our first beer and I ordered a Shiner, of course. I started to sip on the beer and about half way through and in the middle of a conversation, I guess the booze went down the wrong pipe because I spit it out directly into her face! Zoints. After I recovered from my near death I looked up at saw a look of disgust on her face while she wiped it off.

I felt bad, but thought it was hillarious. She dealt with the ordeal pretty well. She didn't even go to the restroom to puke. She just wiped it off and we began our night.


Blogger Aleksu said...

Atta boy!

That was so suave...

"She just wiped it off and we began our night."

She is a keeper.

8:30 AM

Blogger cindylu said...

that is so gross. yuck.

1:05 PM

Blogger Radmila said...

You need to weigh in on my post about bad dates.


2:10 PM

Blogger oso said...

Classic. I remember a friend in high school spewing Coke (a-cola) out of his nose all over this girl he had a crush on. It coulda been worse ... and it sounds like she handled it well.

12:34 AM

Blogger Diana said...

There's nothing like near death experiences especially when their funny afterwards.

9:19 AM


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