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Friday, November 19, 2004

Friends Of Tom Delay

Tom Delay led the redistricting battle in Texas this year.

THE HOUSE majority leader, Tom DeLay, who was cited by the House Ethics Committee for three violations this year and another in 1999, was rewarded yesterday by his fellow Republicans with a rules change that will allow him to keep his leadership position even if he is charged with a serious crime.

Here's the article.


Blogger Lawrence said...

Hey, I've found your blog via your comments at Regina's blog, chicanaontheedge.blogspot.com.

I grew up in Dallas, lived in Austin and Houston, and now live in Kerrville.

Three weeks ago, I started "A Better Nation," a political and cultural blog, and wrote about Tom Delay that first week. You might like to check it out.

I'd welcome your comments, and cheers to you!


Lawrence Walker, aka Amigo Lorenzo

9:34 AM


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