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Monday, April 18, 2005

Soy Tio

My oldest sister gave birth to a little mugre today. She was born at 1:25 am. This should be exciting. My sister went old school and didn't find out the sex of the baby until she popped out.

A couple of observations:
1. The first day my mom found out my sister was pregnant, she looked at her and said, "Va ser niña."

2. My other sister noted that my oldest sister's dominant language is Spanish. During labor she never once spoke (yelled) in English, unless she was talking to the nurse.

3. the kid's name is Itzel, of Mayan origin.

4. My sister put together a list of Juegos De Dedos, Cancionces de Arrullo, Nursery Rymes to teach Itzel. Including, but not limited to: Tortillitas, Papas y Papas, Sana Sana, Tin Marin de dos Pingue, etc.

5. I don't see how women do it. Yikes, pain.


Blogger HispanicPundit said...

Congrats bro!!!

9:26 PM

Blogger Xolo said...


10:09 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

Carlos, I'm so jealous. I really, really, really want to be a tía. Itzel is a beautiful name, your sister has good taste. Even though you didn't do any of the hardwork, I'll still wish you, tu hermana, y tu familia felicidades.

11:36 PM

Blogger JaeZea said...

Congratulations on the birth of your niece. That's great that your sister decided to go old school and wait to find out the sex of the baby. When I was pregnant my mom said that it was gonna be a girl...well she cried first and then when she calmed down and looked at me she said it was gonna be a girl. She was right. Hope you enjoy your niece. Cuz you know little girls love their Tio's! Congrats!

12:38 AM

Blogger Aleksu said...

Itzel its a nice name.

Congrats to all the Texican family for the new arrival.

5:56 AM

Blogger Alma said...

Cool! Is this your first sobrina/o? I come from a large family and I was an aunt by the age of 7. Its interesting the way Moms know the sex of the child - my Mom always gets it right too. Felcidades a toda tu familia!

10:27 AM

Blogger Diana said...

Congratulations to your sister and your family on the birth of your niece. :D

1:35 PM

Blogger La Brown Girl said...

¡Felicidades! How exciting!

4:03 PM

Blogger Mayra said...

Congratulations Carlos! Vas hacer un buen Tio Charlie.

12:01 PM

Blogger Laura Swisher said...

Que chulo! Is that Cholo? Se dice chulo en Espana. Guay tambien. Como, guay de paraquay, which is cool, according to my pal Paco.

Like the blog. Will have to make sure I'm up on my cholo terminology.

12:22 PM

Blogger Cracked Chancla said...

congrats. you can be her favorite uncle, tio texican. :D

12:42 PM

Blogger Antonio said...

Congrats, I didn't see the Elefante song on that list. You got to sing that song.

11:12 PM

Blogger oso said...

Yeah seriously, congratulations.

8:10 PM


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