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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Their Story - Everyday

It took her three months, but she got here. She took the bus, she walked, she jumped on trains, she swam across the deadly Rio Grande, took a bus past the Laredo checkpoint and made it to Austin. The Salvadoran woman told me her story yesterday. This isn't only her story, but yesterday as I listened to her, it was the only story.

She was in the office filling out forms petioning the government to make her young son a resident. "No lo conocia," she told me. Her son came to Austin, from El Salvador, last year on September 16, 2004. He took the same route. It took him three months. I looked at her. She looked at me and repeated, "No lo conocia." I just stared. How could you not know your son? You didn't tell me he was adopted, I thought.

"Es que nada mas nacio, y me vine," she told me, while looking away. She left El Salvador just after her son was born. I'm not sure how long, but it must have been only a couple of months. She had to leave her son because she had no money. She also left a now 18 year old girl and a now 19 year old girl. Her son is 10 years old. She hadn't seen him in 9 years. He didn't know her. She didn't know him.

"Ayer vino con su primera tarea en espaƱol," she said. He brought his first English homework. His older sister helped him with it. The mom cried. He told her he felt he was free here. Free, because there's a big playground next to his apartment complex. Free, because he has a bicycle which he can ride around the neighborhood.

The woman mentioned that a gringo had told her he would marry her so that she could fix her papers. He has a house and lives down the street. He said she wouldn't have to pay him. It sounds fishy. My brother told her that if they got married and tried to fix her papers, he would have to go with her to her interview in San Salvador. She laughed.


Blogger oso said...

Huh? I've never heard of anyone having to go to another country to show that they are married. Did your brother give a reason?

I've had quite a few friends get US citizenship by "marrying" a gringo. Some paid good money, but two found friends who offered to do it for free.

8:25 PM

Blogger Daily Texican said...

I think that applies if you enter a petition after 2001 and came into this country w/o papers.

10:55 PM

Blogger Aleksu said...

The dangers of that journey by people from Central America is now hightened by the violence generated by the Maras Salvatruchas and other groups (like the Minutemen).

Glad to read that her family and her are doing fine, hopefully everything will resolve itself to their advantage.

6:48 AM

Blogger Manda said...

I had a friend who married someone to get her papers. She ended up having 3 children from a man she hardly knew, and then he ended up in prison for molesting his children. Not good. Hopefully her situation will turn out better than this one did. Suerte...

8:13 AM

Blogger mariposatomica said...

What a long hard journey for the woman and her son.
It does sound weird that the guy wants to marry her with no strings attached. She needs to be careful there are a lot of psychos out there.

9:24 PM


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