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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Maneja Beto & SXSW

Maneja Beto makes it to the SXSW stage, once again. If I can make it to Austin on the days they're playing, I can be a roadie again!!! Whoooo Hooo! I'm going to try. It was a blast last year. I'll definitely be in Texas then, pero probably in el Valle, so aver que pasa.

Congrats MB!


Blogger jennifer said...

i heart maneja beto.
do they ever play in the valley? they should! isn't nelson from weslacao?

11:38 AM

Blogger Daily Texican said...

Yea, he's from there. I think he told me that they played in the Valley once, but I may be mistaken.

9:04 PM

Anonymous emc said...

I don't see them being huge in the Valley, not yet at least, but Austin does love the band. DT, i'm gonna be all over SXSW this year (Interactive & Music), so let me know si vas estar at their shows or the Latin rock showcases tambien. :)

5:33 AM

Anonymous cad said...

i'll have to check them out! I'm in el valle all the time!

Texas is the place to be!

5:54 PM


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