Ojo: The "Cholo Word Of The Day" is simply for fun. This is not an academic exercise, therefore I do not spend much time checking for espelling or grammatical errors. Most of the words are not only used by "cholos," but by many people in S. Texas - and their usage can vary. c/s

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Cholo Word Of The Day - Tiralo Al Leon

I've realized that most of these words I'm using I don't even know how to spell. I make it up on the fly, because I've never spelled these words or phrases, even though I've used them plenty of times. I bet most of the people that use these words haven't really written them down either. "Sepa La Mo" - that's another phrase we used, I don't know why.

Here's another phrase - Tiralo Al Leon - which litterally means, throw it to the lion.

Tiralo Al Leon

Meaning According To DT:
forget about it, don't worry about it, ignore it

Used in a sentence:

"Sabes que Chelelo, tirame esquina porque le voy a partir la madre a el Tony cuando lo vea."

"Ah, Chon, tiralo al leon. Esta loco ese guey."

Translation according to DT:
"You know what Chelelo, get my back because I'm going to pummel Anthony when I see him."

"Chon, forget about it. That gentlemen is just crazy."

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Blogger E said...

the spelling looks correct, but the a in "al" is not capitalized. You don't capitalize "a" or "al". That's a bit of what I remember from my high school Spanish classes. =)

12:39 PM

Blogger Elenamary said...

That gentleman? Perdon mihijo, but I don't think "Guey" translates into "gentleman". Y a mi me quieren romper la madre for using "gringo" euhhh, no mames.

3:20 PM

Blogger Daily Texican said...

- thx liz

- elena, the "gentleman" was my special touch.

3:26 PM

Blogger zen mantra said...

you fuckin' rock.

6:36 AM

Blogger seyd said...

Did you ever tell us what exactly a cholo is? Either the lines are starting to blur or I am a hardcore cholo, because I use this expression quite often.

1:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think instead of guey, you meant buey which means ass. "Está loco ese buey" - "He's crazy that ass" or more directly - He's crazy assed. Buey is related to other animal-type epithets like "cabrón".

3:41 PM

Blogger Bill said...

I thought "buey" meant ox and "guey" was the term that was used. I've nerver heard anyone say "buey" but I've heard a lot of people say "guey".

It sounds like "way" in English.

Here is an article that talks about the Coors ad and Latino advertising.
San Jose Mercury News

2:14 AM


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