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Monday, August 02, 2004

Spanglish Word Of The Day - Wacha

Wacha - to watch. Look.
Wachaste - did you see?

This word is often used when looking at something or when someone wants to call attention to a particular thing. For example:

"Luis, wacha! See how that morrita looked at me?"

Or, "Sostenes, si wachaste el t.v. show last night?"

translated to: Sostenes, did you watch the t.v. show last night?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know...Mom heard me say that once and slapped me across the mouth.

She said that this was the way the low, low class people talked.

She told me Dad and my Grandfather and I had to cut the house and the church yards (about four acres) with an push mower.

6:52 AM

Blogger la_wera said...

jajaja simon las jefitas dont like their kids talking like that me acuerdo cuando i was a lil morrita and my tio a real homeboy started to show me words like that and he told me to tell his sister (my jefita) ke wachara el carro por ke se lo iban a robar y ke estaba muy firme para ke se lo llebaran man i remeber that day my jefita slapped me in the mouth and made me eat a jalapeƱo so i wouldnt say it again pero mira me ajora i am a chola from san diego some thing she never expected pero nimodo it happens alot when you hang out with the homiez cuando eres morrito o morrita

6:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

still not registered , doing that now hehe. "wacha" comes from mexican slang derived from the English word "watch" (look ,see,etc.)We just have a thing for making our own words from different sources, :-).
Just like the "simones" (cinnamon rolls) which we also renamed ,since we could not pronounce it right. :-)
Like the word "chante"(house..home)which we also use came from the word "shanty" (
shanty n. , pl. -ties . A roughly built, often ramshackle cabin; a shack) :-) As many of words we grew up with came from elsewhere and not our own.

8:09 AM


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