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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Protest News

The NYT's reports that 900 protestors were arrested (need a free susbscription) yesterday. Does anyone know of bloggers covering the protests? We have bloggers covering the conventions, so I'm wondering if anyone is reporting on what thousands of other Americans are doing in response to this administration.

I'm trying to understand why I didn't see many stories about the protestors on the tube last night. I saw plenty of the convention. While, I do think that coverage of the conventions is extremely important, I don't think that Gov. Arnold or the Bush Daughters are more important than the thousands of people voicing opposition.

It's not difficult for a reporter to find an average american (opposed to a student, a die-hard liberal, or someone deemed "radical")who is protesting the convention. This "normal" American might be protesting because she is one of the millions of people who has lost her job, or because his son got killed in Iraq fighting the "terrorists" (even though the terrorists and Iraq are two completely different things, contrary to what the administration would have us believe), or because her mother, father, or grandfather has alzheimer's, and the current administration refuses to fund adequate stem-cell research projects. I dunno, but there has to be someone like that out there - someone that everyone can relate to.

I didn't hear too much about the protestors at the Democratic convention either. I'm sure they were out there -how many, I don't know, but I'm sure they were out there. My point is, that if such a large number of people feel a certain way about an event, whether it be the conventions, the circus, the forest, or the catholic church, they should be reported about.

Liberals think the media is too conservative and conservatives think the media is too liberal. It's a losing battle for reporters to try to please people - but I do think newsroom management needs to really look at who their audience is - and realize that all Americans/people in this country should be represented on their newscasts. Maybe news directors and producers are already doing that - and that's why coverage is so limited. Maybe people aren't really interested in the conventions. Maybe only Democrats watch the Democratic Convention and Republicans only watch the Republican Convention. I don't know. And maybe every argument I made is invalid or not even true, but I'd still like to see some damn protestors on the tube.

p.s. It pissed me off when the political analyst for the Dallas ABC affilate said republicans were "well-behaved" compared to the D's. Hmmm, that might not be such a bad thing after all. He later went on to say how the R's listened to their leaders without question. Case in point.


Blogger Sylvia said...

Who mandates that the media can't be objective AND thought-provoking? Fine, cover the Republican Convention, but how valuable is reiteration of what Bush has already said? Even worse, how many times have context (complete flow of reasoning at convention vs. short quote on 30 minute news) proved misleading to viewers? I'd much rather have a news cast include at least two sides of a story. In other words, include the part about the protestors. Hell, especially when they were at the same event.

1:05 PM

Blogger zen mantra said...

I heard today on NPR that The Republican Convention has been continualy bashing Kerry outright. I wonder, How does that constitute as 'well behaved'? I for one, have only watched a few minutes here and there. Call me a lefty bleeding heart liberal, but R's make me want to vomit.

5:24 PM


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