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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bueno, Hola, Hello, Bueno, Juan, Estas alli?

I'll probably go to hell for this and a couple of other things I've done, but I'll go ahead an say it. Have you noticed Mexican people 60 and over are cell phone and answering machine challenged? Now, I know many people have problems with technology, regardless of race or age, but older Mexican folks trying to figure out cell phones and answering machines are hillarious. At least those are the people I've seen.

Today I was checking my brother's office messages and an old woman left three messages. The first one you could hear kids in the background yelling.......then click. The second message...."Bueno, bueno, Raul, Raul, Raul, me oyes...ah, yo no se usar esta cosa." Third message..."Si, Licensiado, habla Maria, por favor me llama."

I called the lady back and she told me, "ay me choca dejar mensajes. No me gusta mi voz."

Then there's my mom. She knows how to answer the phone sometimes. She doesn't know how to check messages and half of the time she's got the phone off. "Hello, hello (yelling), me oyes.." "Yes, mom..." "..ME OYES..."

ok. I'm out. I have to call my mom.


Blogger HispanicPundit said...

I feel you bro, a few years ago my dad lost the lower half of his leg in a work accident, and didn't know if he was going to be able to get his job back (he is a mechanic). And since everybody in the world thinks the jobs with the money deal with 'computers', and since I am an engineer, he asked (ordered!) me to teach him to learn how to use a computer. It was hell, I used to get soo frustrated, just teaching him basic stuff seemed like the hardest thing in the world. But this is my dad, I can't raise my voice, talk back, or even shosw signs of frustration like I could with my friends, so I had to comply. Believe you me, I would find reason after reason to not go up to LA just to avoid it.

Luckily for him, AND all of us, he got his old job back and those computer tutoring days are over. As Oso says, gracias a Dios.

8:10 PM

Blogger César said...

I was just thinking about this tonight. I was at a concert when my mom called. My mom has a tendency to have conversations with me using the answering machine as the mediator.

"Cesar, nomas hablar para saber como estas. Como estas, mijo, eh? Si? Bien?..."

And it's cute in that old mom kinda way, but it's interesting. I'm not a big fan of voicemail either...

11:13 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

This had me giggling so much. My grandma never answers the phone unless no one else is home. Also, she always asks me or my mom to call (marcarle) one of my tías. I love to her to death, but it's still funny to me that she doesn't really know how to use the microwave.

HP, my dad knows how to use the comp. He's even on IM through his ISP. However, my mom hardly ever uses the comp, but she does know how (she took a class).

12:39 AM

Blogger Aleksu said...

If it is any consolation, both my dad and my mom have a bad time trying to figure out high tech gadgets.

They are waiting for me to go home in August so I can reset the fax machine they need for their Danzon events.

The clock on their VCR has been blinking since January.

9:06 AM

Blogger la maestra said...

my mom mastered entering phone numbers into her phone all by herself, but hasn't figured out how to check voicemail. nor does she recognize her ringer. so if i need to talk to her i have to call over and over again until she realizes her phone is ringing since leaving a message is out of the question. she also asked me to teach her how to use the computer a few years back, drove me crazy. my dad, on the other hand, isn't too bad with technology, but the man can't make his own sandwich or do laundry. gotta love the older generation.

12:13 AM

Blogger Diana said...

I think everyone would have alot of fun laughing and looking at my parents and grandparents, cuz they dont know how to use a computer even if you tried showing them, you will get fed up and annoyed and would end up giving up in the end. Oh and by the way, it amazes them how my one and half and 3 yr old sobrinos can turn the tv on, open the dvd player and put in a movie and press play. :D

5:17 PM


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