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Friday, March 25, 2005


I passed San Antonio south on I-35 on my way to the Valley and there was no doubt in my mind that Easter was near. I drove by vendors parked on the side of the streets with homemade signs letting everyone know they were selling "Cascarones" - Easter Eggs. Red, blue, yellow, blue and yellow, orange, purple, etc...

It reminded me of Easters as a kid. We'd go to church then go to the park. Every year, we would try to eat as many eggs as we could, so that when Easter came around we could have about 20 dozen cascarones. My mom would carefully break the top of the eggs when she was about to cook them. Then, we'd put them away till the week before easter when we would color them and fill them with confetti. Sometimes we would fill the cascarons with harina or every now and then someone would get crazy and stick a raw egg in there. I like to tell people that we used to eat: papas con huevo, chorizo con huevo, frijoles con huevo, jamon con huevo, y huevo a huevo!

I was talking to my friend a couple of days ago. She's from McAllen, but currently lives in Ohio. I asked her if they were going to make the cascarones and she told me people up there didn't do that. I said, WHAT?! I didn't know that. She also told me that kids don't crack the eggs over each other's head. Again, I didn't know that.

We always had the kid that would get too excited and start cracking eggs with the pointy part of the cascaron over the old ladies' heads! Oh man, after that it was on. Some of those suckers hurt. It was fun. No cascarones this year - but it was fun!


Anonymous Johanna said...

Ahh, cascarones. I got some for my little boy and I can't wait for easter:)

12:06 PM

Blogger la maestra said...

i stopped trusting cascarones made by strangers after a night at NIOSA (a huge san antonio fiesta event) when some fuckers put glass in 'em. i guess that's the easter equivalent of razor blades in apples? people are messed up. but back in the day i was all about putting harina and glitter in mine, that stuff stays in your hair for DAYS!

1:48 PM

Anonymous efrain said...

Did you say no cascarones this year? Man, we've got about 20 dozen already. Almost everyone that I know of here in SA celebrates with chingos of cascarones. Of the harina, raw egg, and glitter; the glitter in my opinion is the hardest to get out no matter how many times I wash my hair.

la Maestra, NIOSA is an anual thing for me. I'm sorry that someone spoiled cascarones for you. Damn drunk people!

5:09 PM

Blogger mariposatomica said...

I had never heard of cascarones before. Although, I've gotten plenty of coscorones. They sound like a lot of fun. We needs some cascarones up here in the windy city.

7:07 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

I thought cascarones was a typo for coscorones. I'm much more familiar with the latter. My mom never made confetti eggs, we just dyed them and hid plastic ones in the yard. No one wanted to hide real eggs for fear that they wouldn't be found and later you'd have rotten eggs in the yard.

7:54 PM

Blogger Aleksu said...

I made cascarones for my friends one year but the apathy on their eyes told me they just did not care about this Mexican tradition which for me has more meaning that a chocolate bunny.

8:58 PM

Blogger Cracked Chancla said...

i never heard of these before. but i could just imagine all the delightfully evil things i could have done with them as a kid.

9:21 AM

Blogger Mayra said...

Since I have started working in McAllen, I have noticed how people would park along Nolana and sell the most random of things from the back of their pick-up or trunks: puppies, christmas toys, valentines, easter eggs...I found it funny and then sad (mostly because of the puppies...poor puppies). I had never seen anything like that in Bville other than the random watermelon and fruit trucks on the outskirts of town and by the Port of Brownsville. Then last night when I was leaving Sunrise Mall I saw it...an Easter set-up at the Wells Fargo parking lot. I had to laugh and then wonder...have these vendors been there all along but I just never gave much notice to?

2:33 PM

Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

mom and grandma use to make us cascarones....fun times. Definitely, ate alot of huevos during lent to have a good amount of cascarones for Easter.

6:30 PM

Anonymous monde said...

Cascarones! Gotta luv 'em! I got my first spanking because of cascarones! Dad told me I could only break the ones that had confetti in them and not the ones with flour (you could tell them apart because they were obviously heavier, remember?). I got my cousin good and did I get it good! It was totally worth it!

6:27 PM

Blogger Manda said...

LOL.. Easter without Cascarones is like Christmas without gifts! It's fun giving them and getting them! You should've seen my Grandma's House! Front yard, back yard, and inside were covered in confetti!! We have a large family and we all went crazy! Last year my Wela got sick and we didn't get together. Well, we must've all saved them for this year cause we went at it for about a full hour! And my Welita had the most fun cause she doesn't have to chase anyone...we all just bend over and let her crack one on our heads. She makes her own confetti, too. She cuts and cuts that tissue paper until it sifts through her old flour sifter. No lie. We had a blast.

2:20 PM

Blogger Elenamary said...

I am in Ohio and I always make cascarones and not just for easter but for birthdays too. I love making them. I will have them at my birthday party this year.

1:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what, why is it so hard to find info about cascarones all they give you is vague info iw ant detail and do you seriously think any one is going to read what u have to say about freaking eggs NO! they are not

1:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved cascarones as a kid! I'm hoping to pass on the tradition to my baby boy this year. I know he's too little to enjoy it right now but I hope he remembers the good times as he gets older.

6:22 PM

Anonymous Gutierrezgang said...

My parents are born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. They then moved to the Midwest and had us kids.They carried on the tradition of making "Cascarones" every single year. Not to mention hand making the confetti! There weren't a lot of Mexicans were we lived and the cold weather at Easter didnt help but we made them every year and we loved every minute of it! We are adults now with our own children and still carry the tradition. This is a tradition that will be carried on. Thanks Mom!!

1:52 PM


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