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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Problem with the U.S. Soccer Team

The problem with the U.S. soccer team is not that they are not good (we're ranked #10 in the world), it's the FANS.

I went to the U.S.A. vs. Canada game this weekend at Quest Field and the damn Candians were much better organized. They had chants and cheers and sat together. The Americans - Nada! My friend/classmate (when can you start calling people your friend?)offered me a ticket. He and his wife, who happened to be wearing a United States and Mexico jersey, respectively, and I went. We sat in the front row and cheered and even managed to heckle some of the Canadians and please some of the Cubans and Puerto Ricans from the previous game. The game was a blast, but the fans no valian.

I understand nobody likes soccer here. It's too slow. It's too boring. It takes forever to score a goal. It's not football. Bueno, but the fans that are at the game -- por favor.

The best part about the fans was that there was a good contingency of Costa Ricans watching the early game and they were loud and cheering and booing and doing everything fans should do. As soon as the Costa Rica game finished, they traded in their Costa Rican flags for an American flag and continued being loud and cheering and booing and doing everything fans should do.

It was fun though.


Blogger poetaxingon said...

plus, soccer does not have a long tradition in the united states. money/wealth does have something to do, but you also need a tradition like they do in brazil.

9:55 AM

Blogger Xolo said...

I think it is a class issue. In Latin America and Europe, soccer (futbol) is more of a working class sport (some have even called it the new opiate of the masses). Here in the US it is a middle class sport (ie. people who do not want to be noticed or lest be thought of as working class).

Nonetheless, I am glad you are making friends and having fun (and that the US won!).

10:16 AM

Anonymous osoo said...

I've gotta disagree with Xolo ... from my experience, soccer in Mexico is well loved by rich, poor, and middle class alike.

I think if Mexican teams keep sending up shadow teams to the US, it'll help increase the popularity. And more games against the French.

2:14 PM

Blogger Xolo said...

I am not saying that futbol isn't enjoyd by all. The fans at the stadium, however, are not middle class. At least the one's you can see. The upper classes are in the private boxes.

Compare the America or Chivas fans to the Raiders fans at their respective stadiums. You will find little difference in the levels of fervour.

At the New England Revolution games I have gone to, the vociferous fans are the Latin American ones, while the gringos are all quiet and demure. And you better believe that there is a class difference there as well.

4:22 PM

Blogger Aleksu said...

It will take a while for the US fans to understand the fine elements of Soccer.

The first thing is, Soccer is not an instant gratification sport, like Basketball where every play ends with a play on the board or Football where even a gain of one yard is celebrated.

And the people in charge of marketing are not going to help either, after all, Soccer has two half-time periods of 45 minutes each, not too many chances for ads like in all the other "American" sports.

8:12 PM

Blogger la maestra said...

i don't understand why soccer doesn't have greater appeal here. from what i can tell (and i'm totally ADD when it comes to watching sports) it's much faster than football, which stops all the damned time, and is infinitely more interesting than golf. and the players have great bodies. once more american women start taking notice, it's all over...

10:40 PM

Blogger la maestra said...

unrelated: i saw gladiola today. i can't escape your peeps!

10:41 PM

Blogger Fehnix. said...

I can't wait for the Mundial...

10:53 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

You ever talk to Mexicans who think baseball is boring? I have a few of those friends. Anyway, I think soccer is cool to watch and a lot more fun to play.

12:05 PM

Blogger Cracked Chancla said...

i think men that play soccer have the sexiest legs.

7:53 PM

Blogger Gustavo said...

Sorry to offend golf/Nascar/NHL fans.. but how can there be so many fans of those "sports" and not futbol? I think the problem is the quality of play. The MLS sucks. Many of the "very good" American players take off to European leagues to play unlike in Mexico.
I think what Vergara did is a good idea because it uses the Chivas brand to attract Mexicanos from this side of the border.
All I know is that soccer is one of the most exciting games there is. Why else would I be getting up at 3 in the morning to watch the World Cup? (Italy 1 - Mexico 1; Did any of you see that beautiful header by Jared...the way he combed it...damn...the goal of the World Cup!)

10:16 PM

Blogger AnalisaGuzman said...

I am a soccer fan. I wish I could go to games.

9:58 PM

Blogger ndeneffe said...

Arena is to blame we are the U.S., the underdog and we play a 5-4-1? We may not have the tradition, and may be using our "B"-athletes (look at football, basketball, etc) but we can't play passive soccer (football) like Arena set us up for. Reyna, since being named captain hasn't won a game (0-8-1) Beasley and Donovan were not there lioke they should have been. Don't blame inexperience, blame the coach who can't understand that in America, when we are the underdogs, we fight and we never fought

7:19 PM


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