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Sunday, June 12, 2005

One Day

I took some time visit the lake today before my first day of class tomorrow and took a couple of pictures. I was wearing a jacket and these crazy people were swimming! The temperature may have reached the low 70's and I saw people sun bathing.

Taking A Dip

While I was sitting there I realized I moved across the country to go to school! What the hell? Then I started to think of how nice it would be to have a law school in the Rio Grande Valley. I'm pretty sure I would have gone to school there if I could have. Now, I did have the opportunity to attend a couple of schools in Texas (not my first choice), but I opted not to. I figured I might as well live outside of Texas for once in my life.

This post may not make sense to most of you who aren't from South Texas, so please bear with me. It's time for the Rio Grande Valley to get a freakin' law school. It's time for the Rio Grande Valley to get a freakin' medical school. Lawmakers have worked to get a medical center to the Valley, but it's not a medical school. I think there used to be a law school in the Valley (Reynaldo Garza School of Law), but it's no longer there.

I argue the need for a law school and med school because the Rio Grande Valley is an area with over 1 million people. Mosly raza. Mostly poor. The valle includes cities like McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville. According to this recent Dallas Morning News article about racismat the Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas,

black and Hispanic doctors were more likely to serve minority patients than their white peers...

I think the same may be true for lawyers, even though I have no research to back that up. I think at this point a Medical school is more important than a law school, but it's sad, that I have to say I would choose one over the other. We should have both. That part of the state needs it. Is it because most of the people down there are brown? I don't know. Is it because most people down there are poor? Probably.

I hope to go back home to work for a while, but I also will not limit myself to the job limitations in the Valley. Now, on to my first day of school.


Blogger Mayra said...

If you want some contacts in concern to taking some action for a Law and Medical School in the RGV then let me know. I know some people who may be on a similar train of thought. :o)

10:19 PM

Blogger Fehnix. said...

That sounded like Galveston and its freezing-cold waters.

Man, I hate that town.

Oh, just wanted to let you know I linked your blog from mine, nothing much there other than musings over Cuba, Mexico, and politics, just so you know.

-Raza out.

5:41 AM

Blogger Cracked Chancla said...

weather in the low 70's sounds great.

7:11 PM

Blogger Gustavo said...

Good luck on day one 1L!

8:47 PM

Anonymous Erich said...

I went to law school in the Rio Grande Valley, amigo - University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Cheapest law school in the country at the time.

Should've come over to Burque, ese!

1:06 PM

Blogger AnalisaGuzman said...

Hey, study HARD! echandote porras desde Chicago....

5:56 PM


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