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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where's the Chile?

My first grocery shopping experience in Seattle was not a good one. They don't sell chile over here. I went to a Safeway store near my house and asked the girl for the "hot sauce" aisle. NADA.

She took me and pointed me to aisle cuatro. I looked and looked y naranjas. I looked again and there in half of half a shelf stood a lonely bottle of tabasco sauce asking me to buy it. I'm telling you, there were probably only 3 different brands of sauce and that's it. No la chingen, I thought. I don't necessarily expect them to have my Valentina sauce, pero algo si quiera. Nombre, me dejaron con el osico abierto.

Then I went to look for fajitas just in case I have a carne asada. Apparently the vacas are scarce in the state of Washinton, porque I didn't find fajitas either. How the hell do people cook out?

Maybe they all cook out like the folks who graciously hosted my brother and me this weekend. They made hamburgers and hotdogs. The cook asked, "Would you like a hamburger or a hotdog?" I thought, "OR, what the hell, or?! I want both." I don't think I had ever seen anyone take orders at a bbq. Pero, they were nice enough to have us over, so si quiera nos dieron eso.

I need to find a carniceria or something, porque this ain't gonna cut it. Looks like I'll be eating Maccarroni and Cheese for a while.


Blogger mariposatomica said...

Sounds like you are going STARVE!! Creepy that they don't have fajita meat or chile. Hopefully, you will find a tiendita soon so you can stock up. When I'm in Seattle will bring my own food in purse.

6:01 PM

Blogger Aleksu said...

Did you move to Norway?

9:08 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

Maybe they don't have BBQ's in Seattle because it rains so often.

12:46 AM

Blogger Fehnix. said...

Valentina is the best sauce ever...that's just wrong.

1:01 PM

Blogger oso said...

no way man. you gotta go to the PCC Natural Market - there's a few of tehm around seattle and they've got everything ... esp. good hot sauce.

2:31 PM

Blogger Daily Texican said...

Right on! Thanks Oso. Exactly what I was looking for.

2:45 PM

Blogger La Brown Girl said...

Pobrecito. If you want me to send you some Valentina, let me know.

8:18 PM

Blogger Antonio said...

Don't despair, when I first moved to the Pac NW I couldn't figure out the grocery stores either. Look at the ethnic aisle, right across from chinese food there should be some basics, like tortillas and beans. Beans are apparently an ethnic food.
Also check out Winco Foods, it's super ghetto and therefore all the immigrants shop there. You can get Carne Asada, Fajita, tripas, sesos, chile (including Valentina), and dried peppers. I think there's one in Kent.
Watch out for produce, it's expensive. I spent 5 bucks on limes accidently when I first moved up here.

4:24 PM

Blogger Cracked Chancla said...

valentina sauce, you should have someone ship you a case just in case.

7:07 PM

Blogger tortillasandwich said...

I feel your pain, I remember a vacation to the East Coast where I couldn't find fajita meat either.

10:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i moved to seattle from texas two years ago, and i still haven't found the good hot sauce. if you find some, please share the love.

6:41 PM

Blogger Elenamary said...

outskirts of seattle has migrant raza. i bet you they know where to find valentina.

7:55 PM

Blogger Angie said...

Up North people usually cook Sausages, Hamburgers and Hotdogs,,My husband's family ( Gringos) cook out to that and they make baked beans and coleslaw.. EWWWWWW I am like here is my beans a la charra and fajitas, ribs y pollo!!!!!Yeah but they dont know fajitas HAVENT YOU EVER SEEN THAT MOVE BARBER SHOP? where they guy is cooking out to hamburgers and hotdgos jejeje

9:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pass along that Seattle
really isn't that vanilla -- I found the Valentina sauce at the Fred Meyer's in Ballard. I've never tried it but bought it based on all the rave reviews here. Now I just have to find a good Mexican restaurant.

9:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you shop at Safeway what do you expect???

10:47 AM


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