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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Working w/in The Political System

Our latest post is up at Blogeros Garcia.

If we want water for the Colonias, we have to lobby. If we want health insurance for our kids, we have to vote. If we want to stop the War, we have to get this President out. That's the way I see it.

But organizing work doesn’t happen inside a political party or around an election. It happens at the community level on a daily basis. It happens by constructing sustainable institutions that empower people on an individual level. A community comprised of individuals who are confident enough to speak out, make demands, and organized enough to create the world they want to live in, even if on a small and temporary scale, is a community that stops taking crap from other people. A chain of such communities would not be beholden to any political party. Nonetheless, it would wield political power because it could mobilize people to vote and when voting didn’t work it could mobilize people to take things into their own hands.


Blogger ET said...

Que pasa, calabasa?

I am a proud transplanted Texican originally from the barrio of East Los Angeles. Since it gets real hot here in Wes Texas my cholo word of the day is "llevatelo frio..." My uncle Simon's favorite was "hechale water!"

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