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Friday, February 24, 2006

Descriptive Words for Texas Olympians

There are at least two Texas Olympians being profiled on NBC. It seems that everytime I hear one of the announcers describe these Olympians they use words as: brash, tough, passionate, fiery. As in, the brash Texan or the Tough Texan.

So I'm wondering, is nobody else in this country tough, passionate, brash? What's the deal.

Chad Hedrick, the speed skater from near Houston, has definitely lived up to those words. He's made the news for having disputes with another skater.

Todd Hays, is actually from South Texas - Del Rio. Today's story talked about him playing high school football and growing up in a small town.

I'm glad Texas is representing at the Olympics. I guess I should be happy the announcers are using these other words rather than "These Death Row Lovers from Texas," or something like that.


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