Ojo: The "Cholo Word Of The Day" is simply for fun. This is not an academic exercise, therefore I do not spend much time checking for espelling or grammatical errors. Most of the words are not only used by "cholos," but by many people in S. Texas - and their usage can vary. c/s

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Cholo Word Of The Day - Simon Filimon

This is another phrase. It's actually pretty funny and I love using this. It doesn't really mean anything, but it rhymes so it's funny. We've already used the word Simon and now we're simply adding the name Filimon behind it.

Simon Filimon

Meaning According To DT:
Yes, Affirmative (but funny)

Used in a sentence:
"Kike, fuiste tu el que tiraste la ball through la window?"

"Simon Filimon, I didn't realize it was going to go that far."

Translation according to DT:
"Enrique, were you the one who threw the ball through the window?"

"Yes (ha, ha), I didn't realize it was going to go so far."


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I've heard this one before!

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