Ojo: The "Cholo Word Of The Day" is simply for fun. This is not an academic exercise, therefore I do not spend much time checking for espelling or grammatical errors. Most of the words are not only used by "cholos," but by many people in S. Texas - and their usage can vary. c/s

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cholo Word Of The Day - Relajo

Relajo can mean several different things. It can be used as part of a phrase or stand alone.

Relajo, Es un Relajo, Que Relajo

Meaning According To DT:
screw up, he's a screw up (also he doesn't really care, takes it easy), what a drag

Used in a sentence:
"Chano, el Tomy es bien relajo, le vale maiz que no tiene job."

"Si Borrado, eso es cierto. Por eso lo mandaron a volar la wila (sp?)."

Translation according to DT:
"Feliciano, Tomas is kind of a screw up, it doesn't really bother him that he doesn't have a job."

"Yes Hazel eyes, that's true. That's why they kicked him out of his house."


Blogger cindylu said...

I would have used chamba instead of job in this sentence "Chano, el Tomy es bien relajo, le vale maiz que no tiene job."

6:17 PM

Blogger Manda said...

I know this is way off the subject, but..
Question...does your family have all kinds of crazy nicknames? For example:
Kakito...cause he looked like a little turd when he was born...
Mato..cause he looked like a tomato.
Cuata...cause she was a twin..
so on and so forth? Cause in my family..that's the way it is. Please tell me I'm not alone here..

2:09 PM

Blogger oso said...

"le vale maiz"?

I've heard le vale madre. And le vale pito.

But maiz is totally new for me.

1:17 AM


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