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Monday, January 24, 2005

Poor South

Maybe it's just me, but it seems the further South I get, the less money people have. Ok, wait, that's nothing new. I've known this all my life. That's the way it is and probably will be for a long time, but lately it's just slapped me in the face. I'm comparing apples to apples, not apples to manzanas. The sad part isn't necessarily that people have less money (i still don't have any money), but the fact that many people are complacent.

The folks I'm comparing are my college friends. My argument is full of holes, but just listen, por favor. I have friends in Dallas, none of them Mexicanos, who have pretty decent jobs, own a business, are in graduate school, or do something else. Even the unemployed fools seem to be doing ok. My one unemployed friend still goes out, buys things, plays on the computer (he's in debt, but he will be able to get out of it).

In El Valle my friends are struggling. I have a married couple friend in debt up to their necks - they both have college degrees and good jobs (not sure if they will be able to get out of debt). I have a lawyer friend who is doing ok. I have some other friends who have good jobs, but can't seem to scrape together enough money for a vacation. Chingado, I don't have a job right now and I've been traveling across the state like a madman.

Is it that down in the Valle - where I am right now, we don't know how to save? Maybe, we don't know how to manage our money? Maybe we value time and family much more than we do money and material possessions, but can't there be a balance?

I dunno. I was talking to my brother - the pelado who's got his law office and he was telling me that he hates to say it, but he thinks the raza in the valley is just getting lazy. He makes this comment, to which I said, "you're crazy" and "that's not a fair statement" because of his experiences working on immigration matters.

He says, in Austin, the Mexicanos show up with their paperwork, their money, a job, and other information needed to move forward on their case. In McAllen he says, nombre, the raza says it's too expensive, they don't want to work, and half the time they don't have any of the paper work needed. Again - we're not comparing Apples to Manzanas. We're comparing Mexicanos to Mexicanos. I dunno - maybe it's our culture down here that breeds complacency. Maybe it's the church. Maybe it's the water or the budlight. Quien Sabe. Maybe it's just me.

I love it down here, but we definitely need changes. Something needs to happen. Ok - I'll probably be in Austin again tomorrow.


Blogger Lalo said...

I think there are more opportunities in the big city, than in smaller towns. There is also more competition in smaller towns.

2:17 PM

Blogger Diana said...

I'll agree with u that we need some change in the valley, but its not that simple. Look where its located at, its so close to the mexican border...and yeah you have your lazy plp but then you have ur plp who work to provide the best that they can for their family. And well some plp arent as lazy as u may think they are, and well plp here stick close to home cuz they want to be close to the family and material things dont matter to most families here. and well plp who go and work to the like the Austin, Dallas or Houston area work to send money to their family back home or where they live at. So I guess its how u live and the way u look at it.

3:58 PM

Blogger eltxmx said...

Buenas noches, Texican
I see where you are coming from and see your point...
I would have to say there are many aspects one would have to take into account as to why the raza in el valle is the way it is. I is the geographic location and its proximity to Mexico. El valle is in my opinion over crowded and more people keep coming in each and everday. The work one can find in the valle is usually not high paying to start. Even if one has a four year degree. And the jobs usually go to the one who know's someone. That good old boy system... But I would have to agree with the other comments, as to what are the values people in el valle have? Que es lo que uno valora mas que el dinero??? Quien se acuerdara de uno, cuando uno ya no esta en este mundo? La Familia... El dinero y la cosas materiales van y vienen... pero la familia sera para siempre....at least thats what I hope god has planned for us... I don't know why so many of, like you said mis amigos and la raza, don't seem to move ahead, don't seem to have any money, or are n dept up to their eyeballs...but one thing is clear to me, they seem to be happy with their lives...Thing that make you go HHhhmmmmm????

5:35 PM

Blogger oso said...

It's weird ... it's that way all over the world. Southern Mexico, Southern Chile, Southern India, Southern China ... they're all poorer than their northern counterparts.

12:32 AM

Blogger cindylu said...

Question: what would the church have to do with people not being financially responsible?

6:05 PM

Blogger HispanicPundit said...

Back when I was a teenager, and going through my 'bad boy' days in Compton, California, I was sent off to Texas for a few months here and there. I even went to school in McAllen/Edinburg/Dona for a bit (before I eventually dropped out of HS altogether).

I think a lot of the complacency has to do with the small town syndrome. There isn't many job opportunities for people in that area, regardless of how high a degree you have. So that tends to breed complacency with those who decide to stay; the others simply leave the area.

I have a friend of mine still down there, one that helped me a lot when I was younger and in difficult times. He is seriously thinking of coming down to California to stay with me. I have repeatedly told him that he will go nowhere if he continues in the 'rat race' he is currently in, unless he does something radical (like get a college degree and move). I think my advice is finally starting to sink in, because he has accepted my offer to bring him down here on his next vacation...to see California for the first time. Hopefully he takes me up on my offer, and allows me to support/tutor him for the four years while he goes to school. It will be my way of paying back what he did for me.

With that said, you have a good blog. I am adding you to my blogroll. I arrived at your site via a mutual friend, Oso.

9:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you were to make a pie chart that included all the variables mentioned above, I think there would be a big slice for budlight and another for television.

8:35 AM


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