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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm A Roadie

I went out with a couple of friends last night and I think I've convinced them to let me be a roadie for them during their performance at the Cine Las Americas benefit. These are the kids from Maneja Beto. I heard them play on Friday for the first time and it was pretty damn cool. They sang this fantastic version of Carabina 30/30.

Also playing at the fundraiser for Cine Las Americas will be Charanga Cakewalk and Los Skarnales. It should be a pretty damn good show.

Anyway, back to my story. I asked if I could be a roadie and I think it was agreed that I could be: "as long as you show up early enough."

Meeting new people is pretty fun, especially when they're funny as hell. I went out with Nelson, Patrick, Alba, Alma and Will (he played in the Frank Sinatra-esque band we listened to) who hung for a while. All of them are part of Maneja Beto (except Alma), so I think there was a Quorom about letting me be a roadie.

Patrick told a story about sitting on a toilet at work and the damn thing breaking off the wall. Holy smokes that was funny stuff. I guess you'd have to listen to him telling it. He said he was on the floor, in the bowl, pants down, stunned. A couple of seconds later as he's trying to get up, the pipes burst and he gets shalacked in the back of the head with the streaming water. Oh man, it was funny. What was my point? Oh yea, I'm a roadie and meeting new people is fun.


Blogger Aleksu said...

Hey, that is going to be a cool feature to your blog, your experiences as a roadie.

9:16 PM

Blogger cindylu said...

I would love to be a roadie. My dad used to play in a band when I was a kid and now my younger brother has a band. I guess I've always just been surrounded by musicians. I help my brother put away his drum set. I've gotten pretty good at it. Oh yeah, meeting new people is good... just make sure they don't stalk you...

10:23 PM

Blogger mariposatomica said...

Sounds like you are going to have a blast being a roadie. Keep us posted of your adventures!

7:40 AM

Anonymous chicano in exile said...

i hate to jump in mid-blog. i've never been much of a blog fan, but you've got some great stories on here. you should check out josé antonio burciaga's book drink cultura. he's got a chapter in there about pendejismos that you'd love.

have you thought about roadie-ing yourself to, say, bolivia? unstable political situation aside, your feria would go much further down there than in texas. besides, it's more interesting than dallas.

oh yeah, i just read your post about revolutionary priests (from nov. i think) like miguel hidalgo and it reminded me that feb 20 marks the 90th anniversary of el plan de san diego.....porque aveces it's good to remember los antepasados del valle tambien.

6:29 PM


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