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Friday, February 04, 2005

In Austin

I now realize I was right. I lived in Dallas WAY too long - 3 years. I've only been in Austin for a couple of weeks, but boy can I tell the difference. Dallas is very stuffy, materialistic, big, and elitist.

I finally brought my motorcycle to Austin, but I was having some problems with it and I didn't know how to fix them. No worries here. For the most part, bikers are friendly, but damn, I made a couple of best friends here (not really). The first dude I asked about my problem looked like he was high. He was doing some construction on an office space my brother and I were considering. He says "ah man, that's easy. Just go for it, you won't mess nuting up." ok dude - cool. He gave us a handshake and off we were. I wasn't sure if I should trust this grifo, seeing as how jaded I've become by living in Dallas. So, I go over to the Whataburger (fantastic!)to get me a burger and there's another biker looking dude sitting there. I strike up a conversation and ask him about my bike. One hour later I've got the answer and I've learned all about his trips around the world on his bike.

Then, last weekend my friend Nelson invited me to a punk rocker pachanga. He's in the band Maneja Beto and knows all those music playing kids. Maneja Beto has become pretty popular here in Austin. Man, el Nelson reminded me of why it's cool to be here. The guy is so laid back. You wanna talk about a cholo - Nelson! Well, not really, he's a kindergarten teacher -- all tatooed. You should hear the way he talks. He's also from the Valley. Nelson worked construction while going to UT. Anyway, we went to this party and met a couple of his friends. The kids at this party were mostly all gringos. It was cool. I could tell nobody spent 10 hours getting ready to go out- but they still looked good. These kids were trendy in their own way (baggy pants, freaky clothes, backbacks to a party), but it was cool. People were having fun and mostly everyone was cool with each other. I drank a bottle of water that night and enjoyed myself. That's all I needed. I knew it would be a good party when Nelson told me that he had gone to a badass party the night before -- then he went on to explain that there was almost a fight and a little bit of shenanigans going on.

Did this make sense? Ah, who cares. You'll know what I'm talking about if you live in Austin or if you ever visit. Now, if only these freakin' allergies would go away, I'd be doing really well.

I'm off to Dallas this weekend! Did I just talk smack about it? Oh well - we're going to get together for the Super Bowl.


Blogger E said...

Austin rox! I'm sorry to say, however, your allergies will only get worse here. You know someone in Maneja Beto? That's awesome.

8:55 AM

Blogger tortillasandwich said...

Austin is my favorite city in Texas, I love it. You gotta check out Bookpeople and Waterloo records on North Lamar.

12:38 PM

Blogger Lucio said...

I gotta agree with you bro - Austin is one cool place. My girl lived in Austin while going to UT... I visited a few times and fell in love with the place... wait til SXSW comes around. BTW, Maneja Beto's gotta be one of my fav. bands - no joke. This coming from a Chicano from L.A.
- Lucio

2:37 PM

Blogger michael me said...

A mi tambien me encanta a esta ciudad! I lived in Dallas for 3 years too.. NEVER again. That place is very superficial, materialistic, snobby, and full of very insecure people who always want to be one step ahead of everyone else at any cost.. I'll never live in any other city in Texas again.. I'm from El Paso, visited the valley quite a bit when I was young, San Antonio, lived in Dallas, Houston and it's burbs, summered in Lubbock when in college, went to school in Sherman and nothing compares to this place! I too taught kinderarten, but alas, no tattoos.. Que lastima.. No conozco ese grupo... Que tipo de musica tocan???

9:13 AM

Blogger laurie said...

I just moved to the Dallas/Allen area from Austin and boy was I in for a shock. People here aren't all that friendly are they?

I miss Austin terribly, and miss it even more reading your blog.

7:16 PM

Anonymous Nick Lewis said...

Folks, get your ass down to austin as soon as possible. Just think to yourself: Barton Springs... Dollar beers at Hole in the Wall on Mondays... most "beautiful" people in the US... Austin... come to her, she loves you. She certainly loves me.

11:15 PM


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