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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cornelio Reyna Tribute

NorteƱo legend Cornelio Reyna's friends get together every year to pay tribute to the man the paved the way for so many. I'm not exactly sure how many years ago he died, but people loved him. He was part of "Los Relampagos" with Ramon Ayala. My dad tells me that at the time they were playing very different music than anyone else. Yesterday, thousands of fans and peers came together for an all day celebration near a Cantina where these men used to play. They do this every year.

Apparently it's a huge thing. I've heard Cornelio Reyna's music and I like it - so even if I don't know to much about them, I thought I'd mention it.


Anonymous Adrian Cavazos said...

I am such a huge fan of Cornelio Reyna. I have nearly every compact disc he recorded. Cornelio Reyna died on January 23, 1997. He died of a heart attack at a hospital in Mexico City, Mexico. I have been listening to his music for 7 years.

Adios dear friend,
Yours truly,
Adrian Cavazos

9:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

corneliop reyna uno de los mas grandes de la musica nortena

yo tuve el gusto de conocerlo

un gran amigo y un gran vendedor de discos e ohido que hasta la fecha es el que mas discos avendido en la musica nortena y e ohido comentarios que el mismo jose alfredo jimenaz le tenia celos por su bonita letra

6:01 PM


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