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Monday, January 31, 2005

More Latino Soldiers Die

Every soldier death in Iraq is significant, but Latinos are coming back in caskets at an alarming rate. A couple of these Latinos, of course, have ties to the Rio Grande Valley.

I'm not sure where we can find the numbers, but I know I've read that per capita, the Valle has had the largest number of soldiers killed in the war.


Blogger Frederick's Mom said...

Awww, I know it's so sad. There are tons of them dying. My ex is over there and I hope that he is okay.

2:12 PM

Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i've been curious to get the stats on all Latinos over in Iraq. My cousin is over there.

2:46 PM

Blogger mariposatomica said...

It's terrible all these kids getting killed. I saw a Marine recruiter the other day going into a highly populated Latino high school.

9:34 PM


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