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Thursday, September 16, 2004

16 de Septiembre

It's Mexican Independance Day. They're celebrating the 194th year. That's when Father Miguel Hidalgo De Costilla gave his grito de la independencia. Wow, imagine the moment.

Mexico has come a long way, but has a lot farther to go. Electing President Vicente Fox into office after 71 years of the PRI party ruling, was a step in the right direction for Democracy, no matter what you think of his conservative politics. There is still much corruption and poverty in Mexico, but now there's some hope for the regular folks.

In 2001, I watched as Mexicans swarmed the newly sworn-in President, as he visited the Lincoln Juarez Bridge in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. People had hope - some had unrealistic hopes, but still, they had hope. I had hope and still do.

I have hope that the town where my grandmother lives, El Refugio, Queretaro, will once again be self sustainable. I have hope that the men from that pueblo will be able to stay in Mexico to make a better lives for themselves and not be forced to come the United States because they can't find work near their homes. El Refugio has very few men left and for that matter, very few complete families left.

I also have hope that the kidnappings, executions, and smuggling of drugs will slow down, but there I think I'm being unrealistic. I learned about the elasticity curve in high school.

But there is much hope for this great country full of vibrant traditions, music, food, and amazing people. That's the good news. Here's my version of my grito: Que Viva Mexico! Que Viva La Independencia! Que Viva El Imigrante! Que Viva El Trabajador! Y Que Vivan Las Bellas Mujeres!


Blogger John said...

¬°Viva La Raza-Tierra y Libertdad!

I like the picture of Zapata-and remember the best quote from Zapata:
"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."


7:13 PM

Blogger zen mantra said...


I have pictures aqui de las fiestas.


5:43 PM


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